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Time for a Spring Awakening

bags are packed

March has been a bit of a bust this year weather wise with winter being pretty hard to shake. CBC kicked it off the other day announcing on the radio that last year on the same date it had been a glorious 21°C with people practically dancing in the streets and wearing t-shirts because of the weather. Compared to this years -15°C and grumpkin like transformation of people bundled up on public transport glowering into their travel mugs of burnt coffee, you’d be a bit hard pressed to believe it was Spring.

But Spring it is, and I love March, least of all because it’s my birthday month.

In past years I’d be packing my bags and getting ready to hit the road. I usually always go away for my birthday, and have spent the past three birthdays in Washington DC, New Orleans, and Las Vegas.

This year I’m staying put and I’m really looking forward to having some time off to explore the city, catch up on some half finished books, pick up where I left off with Yoga classes and just take the chance to take a breather and see where I’m at and what I want to really work on in the coming year. A spring awakening of sorts, March is really a personal New Year’s for me.

I kick off my holiday tonight with going to see Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds at Massey Hall with one of my good friends Nikolai. I’m ridiculously excited – it’s a beautiful venue, excellent company, and Nick Cave’s Push the Sky Away is a stunning musical work.

One of my favourite films is The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford, and a good reason for that is the incredible soundtrack created by Nick Cave and Warren Ellis for the film.

Time to put the laptop down and get ready to head out to the show now. Viva Spring I say, even if it is still snowy and cold out.

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