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Killer Style, Crazy Love: The Rock N Roll Bride Life

Rock n Roll Bride Kat Williams

[This interview was originally published on Tattoo Hero, sadly Tattoo Hero is no longer; so over the next little bit I’ll be reposting a few articles from the Tattoo Hero Blog in order that they might live on elsewhere] 

An Interview with Kat of Rock N Roll Bride

Blogging, Brides & Tattoos – Rock N Roll Bride is dead cool.

Whether you’re looking for wedding inspiration, expert advice on blogging, or running your own business, Kat Williams‘ blog is the definitive go to.

Initially starting out as an outlet to chronicle her own adventures in matrimony, Rock N Roll Bride has since become the sorely needed breath of fresh of air in the wedding industry for many women about to wed – be they ‘Punk Rock Girls’ or ‘Glamour Girls’ (and lets be honest, many of us would identify as both).

Kat curates with care and detail on Rock N Roll Bride some of the most beautiful and unique weddings around, breaking free of traditional modes to celebrate the individual.

Witty, glamorous and well inked – Kat Williams is also one of the brains behind the Blogcademy, a blogging workshop that has been taking the world by storm, selling out classes across the globe.

The Blogcademy HeadmistressesPhoto Credit: Made U Look Photography
With her Blogcademy Headmistresses in arms – international playgirl & radical self love advocate – Gala Darling, and the hugely talented creative director, teacher and blogger – Nubby Twiglet, the Blogcademy is a power packed weekend of awesome sure to help you up your blogging game.

About The Blogcademy from The Blogcademy on Vimeo.

Jamie for Tattoo Hero: Excited to hear that you’ll be launching a new way of learning with the Blogcademy this spring – are you able to share any further details at this time?

Kat: Isn’t it so annoying when blogger’s say “watch this space”, or “I can’t tell you anything yet”? Well, sorry, I can’t really tell you anything more right now! I will say one thing though: it will open The Blogcademy experience up to a lot more people and we are SO SUPER EXCITED about it! It’s been a big project, and one that we’ve been planning for a while, so we hope people will be as excited about it as we are when we finally put it out there!

Kat & Gala Teaching the BlogcademyPhoto Credit: June Cochran

J: I’m sure they will be if your scholarship entries are anything to go by! You recently had a submission of a DIY Stick-n-Poke tattoo guide from an enthusiastic blogger in San Francisco hoping to win a scholarship for the Blogcademy workshop in SF – what were your initial thoughts and reaction to this entry?

K: That is was amazing! We always joked that someone should get a Blogcademy tattoo as a scholarship entry, and that if they did, they’d obviously automatically win. She did by the way and I can’t wait to meet her!

NYC Blogcademy ClassPhoto Credit: June Cochran

J: So out of all the Blogcademy classes you’ve run so far, which one has been the most noticeably tattooed group?

K: Hum… tough one. Probably London or Austin but there’s always some colourfully inked babes in every class! There was a girl in Melbourne who had a Radical Self Love  tattoo. Gala was so thrilled when she saw that!

Rock N Roll Bride in Palm SpringsPhoto Credit: Made U Look Photography

J: Are there any tattoo focused blogs or tattooed bloggers you’d recommend for people to check out?

K: I love Things & Ink Magazine  in the UK. I also follow lots of tattooed babes on Instagram. My favourites are shaughnessysammijefcoatecooltattoos and leahmoule!

J: Speaking of Things & Ink – you were one of the tattooed celebrity judges for a wedding competition they ran looking for the ‘ultimate tattooed love story’. Prior to this contest, have there been any memorable tattooed love stories you’ve heard through running Rock N Roll Bride?

K: Gosh, it’s hard to remember specific ones honestly, but there have been lots. I often hear about girls who fall in love with their tattoo artist and then marry them!

Nubby Twiglet & Rock N Roll Bride Teaching at the BlogcademyPhoto Credit: Janneke Storm

J: You’re about to embark on another world tour for the Blogcademy – you always have killer style even when on the road. Assuming you’re not bringing 10 suitcases with you, how do you work this magic?

K: It’s actually taken us all probably a whole year to get this skill down, but I think we’ve all finally got there! Gala and I particularly struggle – tutus, sequins, that amazingly bright new dress that’s completely impractical… we want to bring it all! I was always completely OVER-packing and bringing things that I never got round to wearing though. I’d want to have them with me “just in case”…

However on our last trip, to Palm Springs, I finally felt like I’d figured it out.

The key is to try and make everything go with everything else so you can mix and match all your items to create different outfits that work together. That way you don’t need to bring 15 tops, 15 skirts, 25 dresses and a million pairs of shoes! Also cotton and natural fibers work best, so you can scrunch them down small in your suitcase and they don’t wrinkle!

Oh and travel sized toiletries! Always!

The Blogcademy in SantoriniPhoto Credit: Shell De Mar

J: Your travel adventures bring you to some fantastically sunny destinations – any tips or products you’d recommend for the tattooed sun seeker? 

K: High factor sunscreen! I’m pale as pale can be and I need to wear it as soon as the sun comes out or I burn quickly. Gala and Shauna always laugh at me while I’m slathering on the factor 50 and it’s only 15 degrees out (60 degrees fahrenheit!)

Poolside with the Blogcademy HeadmistressesPhoto Credit: FX Media

J: Ya sunscreen is a must for tattoos. You were tattooed at age 15 – what was this first experience like? In hindsight would you do anything differently?

K: HA! Although the tattoo I got at 15 isn’t the most artistic and I’d never get it now (it’s a tribal things on the base of my spine) I wouldn’t get rid of it. It reminds me of my impulsive youth. Getting a bad tattoo as a teenager is almost a rite of passage don’t you think?

I do wish I would have listened to the tattoo artist’s advice more closely. I scratched it and a lot of the ink came out and it’s now risen up a little bit. I actually had to get them to go over it again because of that and it hurt a lot more the second time!

J: Oh no! That sounds pretty painful. I wonder if I can get away with a bad tattoo from my early 20’s as a rite of passage too! I’m guessing then that you’re not into tribal designs still, are there any other certain styles or themes you’re drawn to for your tattoos?

COLOUR! I love modern colourful stuff. The rainbow on the top of my sleeve is my absolute favourite!

Rainbow Tattoo on Rock N Roll BridePhoto Credit: Rock N Roll Bride

J: Yes, done by the fantastic Leah Moule. You’ve had work done by a variety of artists as well, but specifically with Leah – what attracted you to her work and how did you find her?

K: I found her on Instagram actually!

So, it’s quite a story. I had my sleeve done by someone else, in London. He worked for Blood Brothers (which has now closed down) and came highly recommended. He was a great guy and his work is awesome, BUT when my sleeve was finished I was never 100% happy with it. I didn’t really vocalize just how colourful I wanted it, and just trusted that he’d “get it”. He also used a lot of red… which he said would be pink when it healed, but it just wasn’t. I didn’t want to say anything afterwards (I mean, the dude had done like 18 hours worth of work on me, I didn’t want to turn around and be like “yeah, I don’t really like it”).

Anyway, I left it for a few years, hoping I might learn to love it, but I still didn’t. In fact more and more bits of it started to annoy me. I was trying to find an artist for AGES whose style I really loved and who would agree to help me. A lot of people I asked said they didn’t want to re-work someone else’s piece.

Rock N Roll Bride's SleevePhoto Credit: Rock N Roll Bride

When I found Leah it was like everything fell into place. Her work is INCREDIBLE, just what I was looking for in the first place and she is so completely lovely. She totally got where I was coming from and had some wicked ideas on how we could fix it. I’m now SO in love with my sleeve. I can’t thank her enough. In fact I really want to get something done completely by her… I’m thinking maybe something with my cats in it..!

J: Cats by Leah would be ace. I really liked a recent piece by her of a Lucky Cat. Have to ask though, on your bio page – “The angel on my back was done by some dude at a random studio in Camden. Although the less said about that the better…” – super curious, do you have tattoo regret?

K: HAHA! Again, like with my first tattoo experience, it’s not something I really regret, but I wouldn’t do it again. I actually sketched the angel out myself in college one day, thought it was amazing and decided to go get it tattooed… yeah I was an impulsive teenager!

All of my tattoos remind me of a certain time in my life, and I like that. I might get it covered one day with something a bit more artistic, but for now it doesn’t really bother me.

Marie Antoniette Style BridePhoto Credit: David McNeil

J: Do you have a process for deciding what you’d like to get tattooed?

K: Well, as most of my tattoos were done before I was 21, they were all very impulsive! I thought about my sleeve for a lot longer though. I just gathered ideas and things I like and then took it to the artist, who designed it for me.

Tattoo Sleeve Detail Rock N Roll BridePhoto Credit: Janneke Storm

J: Any plans for future tattoos and would you want to work with other artists in addition to Leah?

K: I love Leah and her work so much, I don’t think I’d want to work with anyone else now. If I did get another one I’d definitely go back to her. As I said, I’d love to get a full piece designed by her at some point… I just need to think about it a bit more… it’s clearly something I’ve struggled with in the past!

Pretty In Pink - Rock N Roll BridePhoto Credit: Made U Look Photography

J: From starting to plan in 2007 for your wedding to now, have you seen much change in the wedding industry and how the tattooed bride & groom are viewed?

K: Gosh, SO MUCH! When I first started my blog it was a struggle to find alternative or tattooed couples to feature, these days I’m overrun with them! I do think alternative weddings were happening back then; there was just no place for them to be showcased. That’s where I came in!

The Tattooed Bride - Kat WilliamsPhoto Credit: Made U Look Photography

J: I think your blog has really helped inspire a lot of women to create a day that’s true to themselves. As a tattooed bride yourself though, was there ever any pressure for you to conceal or hide your work for your wedding?

K: Nope! I didn’t have my sleeve when I got married but if I did there would have been no way I would have covered it up!

Kat & Gareth - a Rock N Roll WeddingPhoto Credit: Devlin Photos

J: Nice one. And as mentioned, you showcase some of the most unique and visually stunning weddings around – have there been any of these which featured wedding tattoos (ie. Couples getting tattooed on the day/in lieu of traditional rings etc.) that have really stood out to you?

K: I see that a lot actually, the wedding day tattoo thing. One of my favourites was probably Ainsley and Sebastien’s Vegas elopement, where they also got inked, mainly because they were so damn cool!

Also, Katie and Michael. Lots of tattooed couples have a temporary tattoo ‘station’ at their weddings these days, but these guys had a tattoo artist tattooing guests with real tattoos!

“We designed 6 wedding tattoos that our guests could get and had our friend John ‘Pagoda’ Martin, who currently tattoos Body Art Tattoo Studio in Burlington, VT. We had about 15 guests get tattooed and about 30 more who wanted to, but we ran out of time! I chose a small lotus on my shoulder and Mike tattooed the first part of it. It was pretty awesome. Pagoda finished the rest.”

Rock N Roll Bride on the Brooklyn BridgePhoto Credit: Made U Look Photography

J: That Vegas elopement is incredible. You get to travel extensively as one of the Headmistresses for the Blogcademy, are there any destinations you’ve visited that you thought would make for a fab honeymoon spot?

Rock N Roll Bride in SantoriniPhoto Credit: Shell de Mar

K: Oh yes, so many. In fact I started my Honeymoon Travel Guide series for just that!

It really depends what you want but I was in Barcelona recently for my 30th and it was wonderful! Most of the places I go to are though. I’m very lucky!

Rock N Roll Bride by Chellise Michael PhotographyPhoto Credit: Chellise Michael

J: Barcelona’s a beautiful city, your trip looked like a lot of fun. Thanks again for taking the time for this interview with us, it’s been an absolute treat! Finally, are there any upcoming plans for Rock N Roll Bride you’d like to share with us?

K: Right now I’m focusing a lot on stuff with The Blogcademy. We have a lot of big plans in the works that are taking up a lot of my time! I did start to write a book, but in all honesty, it’s had to take a bit of a back seat because I’m so busy with everything else. I am currently working on a new headpiece collection with Crown and Glory though. I love working with them and getting the chance to flex my creative muscles! We don’t have a launch date right now but we’re aiming for late summer / early autumn. Fun times ahead!

Crown & Glory Floral HeadbandPhoto Credit: Alexa Loy

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? Tattoo Artist Featured – Leah MouleSpear Studio, Birmingham, UK | Instagram

? And for more Rock N Roll Bride awesomeness: Blog | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

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