The Damned – Anything

The Damned Anything LP

Artist: the Damned
Album: Anything
Cost: £10.00 GBP
Found: Casbah Records, 320 – 322 Creek Road, Greenwich, London, United Kingdom

Oh The Damned! I used to see Captain Sensible all the time wandering around town when I lived in Brighton, he was an institution in the city with his trademark hats. To see him strolling around the North Lanes after brunch was always a good omen for the weekend ahead. I never took the opportunity to see The Damned play live though when I lived in the UK, and to this day regret it immensely. 40th anniversary tour maybe?

Inner Sleeve & Back Detail - Anything LP - The DamnedI got into The Damned pretty late in the game. I’d always liked their earlier more punk songs like Neat, Neat, Neat and New Rose. But it wasn’t until a few years ago that I really started listening to all their albums in full and as a result am now a massive fan of both their early and later work.

When I really began to start amassing records, I had trouble keeping track of my collection (ridiculous I know) and wound up buying duplicates of the same album.

Anything by The Damned was one of those albums, and I had three copies of it at one point, only once being a duplicate purchase by mistake.

The Damned - Anything - Gatefold PopupThe final (and hopefully the last) time I bought the album was due to music geekery and the lure of alternative album artwork.

While out in Greenwich, South East London with my friends Natalie and Joe, we popped into a favourite shop of ours which is always a danger to the pocket-book for all three of us. Casbah Records in Greenwich is a sweet record store conjoined with a vintage clothing shop. So while Natalie was looking at vintage frocks, Joe at vinyl and myself dashing in between the two stores, Joe found of copy of Anything, passing it over to me knowing I was a Damned fan.

Dave Vanian in 3D! Anything Popup DetailAnd so, the third copy of Anything was procured not only because it was a version with a gatefold but a pop up gatefold. 3D Dave Vanian action! Love, love, love it!

I’ve since sold the other two copies and am very thankful for discovering Discogs where you can organize your vinyl collection online.

There are also loads of great iPhone apps to connect with your Discogs account so you can check easily on the go your collection or want list. I currently use Crate Digger on my phone and highly recommend that app for the vinyl fiend on the go.

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