The Cramps – Psychedelic Jungle

The Cramps Psychedelic Jungle

Artist: The Cramps
Album: Psychedelic Jungle
Cost: $24.99 CDN
Found: Hits & Misses, 799 Queen St West, Toronto, ON, CANADA. (NOW CLOSED)

There will never be anyone quite like Lux Interior.

The singer and founding member of the most excellent garage punk band the Cramps, died in 2009 from a heart condition.

I remember being pretty floored reading the news, floods of posts streaming by on Facebook. Such an outpouring, and such an incredible loss.

Years ago I saw the Cramps play at the London Astoria. The show was sold out, the venue absolutely packed with Cramps fans of all sorts, and the temperature soaring. I wasn’t wearing the most practical of outfits for a sweltering gig and was absolutely melting throughout the show. I can only imagine how Lux Interior and Poison Ivy were fairing on stage under the bright lights (and clad in PVC no less).

I was absolutely enamoured throughout the gig by Poison Ivy, watching her play with an effortless cool and rocking that guitar atop the tiniest of stiletto heel boots, swaying with the beat. The chemistry between Lux and Ivy onstage was electric.

Psychedelic Jungle Green VinylPsychedelic Jungle was the first Cramps record I ever picked up.  We stumbled across this on one of our weekend wanders around Toronto at Hits & Misses which specialized in Punk and Metal vinyl. Very sad to report that Hits & Misses is now shut, and sorely missed as it was a go to if you were after vinyl from those genres.

It was St.Patrick’s Day when I picked up Psychedelic Jungle and I just had to smile when I saw that the record was green.

The Cramps
And for the music geeks  – the photo featured on the back cover of the album was taken by Director/Photographer Anton Corbijn. (Here’s another stunning shot from Corbijn of Poison Ivy & Lux Interior)

Psychedelic Jungle by The Cramps - Vinyl DetailI’m incredibly thankful and glad I had the chance to see the Cramps when I did. And also having a good laugh on finding out that they appeared on a Halloween episode of the original series of Beverley Hills, 90210 (the only clip I could find for this is in French). So random, surreal and frankly fantastic.

Poison Ivy really did put it best about Lux Interior –

 “Lux seemed like a creature from another world, with one foot already out of this dimension. As much as we might wonder, ‘Where are you now?’ we can also wonder, ‘Where on Earth did you come from?’ Now that’s a mystery!” 

From the service program for Lux Interior’s Ascension Ceremony.

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