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Velvet Cave – Garden Of My Mind SS17

Velvet Cave Garden of my Mind

I’ve been obsessed with Velvet Cave for awhile now. Based in the UK, this independent shop is the perfect mix of stunning vintage finds and handmade designs inspired by the 60s & 70s. Primarily lush velvets, I can’t get enough of their aesthetic.

All handmade items are made to order with the ability to customize – perfect for short girls like me to be able to choose my desired inseam or dress length!

Shot by Alice Barnes, the ‘Garden Of My Mind SS17‘ lookbook a evokes dreamy vintage vibes wonderfully showcasing this badass collection. Below are a few of my favourite images, you can view the full ‘Garden Of My Mind SS17‘ lookbook and others here.

Gold Dust MiniVelvet Cave SS17Eden Floral Velvet Top & Shorts Co-ord SetAnd following are a few of my favourite handmade pieces from Velvet Cave:Velvet Cave favesIncense for the Damned Paisley Velvet Bell Bottoms | Gold Dust Velvet Gold Lace Bell Sleeve Mini Dress | Sirius Crushed Velvet Zip Bell Bottoms

Velvet Cave Sabbath Dress

Sabbath Lace Up Velvet Bell Sleeve Mini Dress available in Garnet, Emerald, or Onyx.

All Photos: Velvet Cave
Photographer: Alice Barnes
Models: Emily Wood & Gemma Edwards
Stylist: Imogen Shurey

Beauty & Style

Saint Laurent Palladium Collection Fall 2016

Saint Laurent imperial couture embroidered coat

Luscious velvets, embroidered details, rich brocades, sequins and gold glitz – I can’t get enough of the Saint Laurent Palladium collection for Pre-Fall/Fall 2016. It’s a retro-glam-rock-n-roll extravaganza. The silhouettes, the glam boots, the wide belts just *everything* (ok maybe not the furs, can we just go faux already please?); is pretty near perfection if you love reimagined vintage looks paying homage to music style history. Bowie vibes throughout and unisex/androgynous elements, paired with mixed prints and a rich colour palette of red, black, and gold – can it be Fall now please? Below are a few favourites, you can view the whole collection at Vogue, or watch the show at the Palladium on YouTube.

Saint Laurent Gold Dress Fall 2016YSL Fall 2016 DetailsYSL Ziggy Stardust inspired dressZiggy Stardust inspired hand embroidered lightening boltcomic tuxCosmic TuxFall 2016 YSL Red Velvet CapeRed Velvet CapeFlorals and wild prints from Saint Laurent Fall 2016

Beauty & Style

Fade Into You – Desert Dreaming

hold the hand inside you

My mind has been in the West lately. Desert dreaming – romance & road trips, just hurtling across the highway watching the dry and dusty landscapes go by. When I was a teenager I was obsessed with Mazzy Star’s ‘Fade Into You’, both the song and the video (the version shot in the Mojave Desert & Joshua Tree). I was born in Western Canada but we left for the east coast when I was 3, so my memories of the desert and prairies are fleeting. I wonder if that’s why I’ve always been fascinated by those areas – like something inside of me is calling me back.

And though I’m no longer a 14 year old fantasizing of escape from suburban wastelands, ‘Fade Into You’ still evokes that feeling of dreamy wanderlust in me. It’s an absolutely hypnotic and beautiful song.

Twenty years after the release of So Tonight That I Might See (the album Fade Into You is on), the band reformed and put out Seasons of Your Day in 2013.

The first single? California. Hope Sandoval’s voice as ethereal and magic as ever, the first line “I think I’m going back to California…”, strikes such a chord in my heart. It’s so far away.

Stills from Mazzy Star's 'Fade Into You' music video.

I’ll be westward bound again soon, till then this album is on heavy rotation. Below are a few haus & fashion finds for fellow desert dreamers, whether you’re headed there yourself or like to have something reminiscent of those wild lands close by.

Fade Into You - Desert Dreaming Style InspireFADE INTO YOU: DESERT DREAMING STYLE & HAUS INSPIRE


1st COLUMN: 1. Marlowe Carryall 2. Handmade Wooden Sunglasses 3. Bronze Solstice Cage Ring 4. Handmade Boot Straps
2nd COLUMN: 1. Succulent Seeds 2. Ceramic Hands Planter 3. Plaid Flannel Shirt 4. Vegan Lipstick – SIREN
3rd COLUMN: 1. Vintage Floral Skirt 2. Desert Smoke Perfume Oil 3. Cactaceae Boyfriend Tee
4th COLUMN 1. Joshua Tree Print 2. Brass Chevron Necklace 3. Joshua Tree Pouch 4. Mojave Soy Candle

Art & Culture

Friday Film Pick: Advanced Style

Advanced Style ocumentary

Documentaries are an absolute favourite of mine to watch. As much as I love disappearing down a rabbit hole of spectacular Sci-Fi/Fantasy, nothing beats an insightful doc – unraveling life stories and allowing us an opportunity to take a glimpse into others realities.

I knew (and am a fan) of Advanced Style, a fashion blog unlike any other documenting street style of the over 60 crowd, showing indeed that ‘old is the new gold’.

Tziporah Salamon in Advanced StyleStumbling over the documentary on Netflix the other night was an absolute treat and a perfect Friday Film pick.

Advanced Style examines the lives of seven unique New Yorkers whose eclectic personal style and vital spirit have guided their approach to aging. Based on Ari Seth Cohen’s famed blog of the same name, this film paints intimate and colorful portraits of independent, stylish women aged 62 to 95 who are challenging conventional ideas about beauty, aging, and Western’s culture’s increasing obsession with youth.

One thing I really liked about this doc, was that it didn’t focus on old images in their “hey-day” of the women featured. Too often when a doc has a person of a certain age in it, photos of them in their youth are heavily relied upon.

Jacquie Tajah Murdock - Advanced StyleAnd though employing old images can help give a frame of reference to a story or insight into a person’s history, I’m glad that any photographs of the women from their youth were used sparingly and very much underplayed. The focus of the doc totally celebrating the creative, vibrant style and lives of these women now.

A very uplifting doc, and a refreshing look at how we view and expect women of a certain age to behave or dress, Advanced Style is the perfect thing to watch if you need some fashion inspiration or even a kick in the ass about how your own style ages with you.

Advanced Style - Joyce Carpati QuoteThe past few years I’ve struggled with how to adapt my fashion sensibilities to suit my age. And herein lies the problem – this isn’t Logan’s Run and life DOESN’T end at 30. And watching Advanced Style only further hits this home for me.

Ones dress sense will change and evolve, but if anything the wonderful ladies of Advanced Style have reminded me of, it’s to have fun – wear what you want, be happy, and rock your weird.

Advanced Style - Ilona Royce Smithkin QuoteI hope when I’m older, I’m as badass as some of these ladies! What incredible, interesting lives the women of Advanced Style continue to lead!

PHOTO CREDIT: Advanced Style

Beauty & Style

Splashing the Wine With all the Rain Dogs

Rain Dogs Style

1// Black Wool Hat 2// Of the Earth Crystal Necklace 3// Jet Black Mast Jeans
4// Witching Hour Fringe Cloak with Ram Print 5// Dr.Martens Jadon Boots 6// Noctex Long T-Shirt

Spring has finally come to the North, and with it rain, helping to wash away the last dregs of muddied snow. I thought I’d chronicle my attempts to shake off the dust in my wardrobe now that winter and I have parted ways, but I’ve discovered the art of fashion blogging photography eludes me. That, and my iPhone isn’t quite up to snuff for the job. So, instead a style inspire of pieces I’m donning for riverwalks on grey spring days. The Witching Hour Fringe Cloak by SOVRIN is a current favourite, sold out at the moment, their other pieces are just as lovely!

Beauty & Style

See Your Sunrise Loves To Go Down

Rock on Gold Dust Woman

1. Velvet Burnout Kimono 2. Sophie Glitter Headband 3. What Would Stevie Do Shredder 4. Cocoon Necklace 5. La Trappistine Leggings

I don’t know about you, but I periodically go through little phases of obsession. Right now, it’s for everything golden. Music often fuels or accompanies these fixations, and the soundtrack to this is Fleetwood Mac’s Gold Dust Woman, though I have to admit to having first been introduced to the song via Hole’s cover (which is totally bad-ass) for The Crow: City of Angels soundtrack. Could it be an actual colour is breaking through my practically all black & grey wardrobe palette? Rock on gold dust woman!

Beauty & Style

Drawing Down the Moon

Drawing Down the Moon

1. Actual Pain Lunatic Leggings 2. Rough Aquamarine Pendant 3. Rhiannon Dress
4. Harlow Black Leather Boots 5. Bloody Mary Metal Crescent Moon Ring

Tonight’s full Moon is a mini-moon, called such by some because it’s the smallest full moon of 2015. Here’s a wee Drawing Down the Moon style inspire for the occasion. And if you want to read more about it, Mystic Mamma has an interesting post on the Full Moon in Virgo.