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Grit N Glory’s Scream Queens

Grit N Glory Scream Queens

Grit N Glory’s Scream Queens Collection has been out for awhile now but still warrants sharing in case you haven’t seen these spooky shredders before.

Originally designed by tattoo artist extraordinaire Megan Massacre as flash, the artwork now features on black ultra soft, reverse stitch muscle tees with this exclusive Grit N Glory collection.

My personal favourites are Morticia & Lydia (man what is it with Winona and those red dresses!? Just LOVE!)

Lily & Vampira Scream Queens Shredders Lydia Scream Queens Shredder Tee Morticia & Wednesday Addams ShreddersShop the whole Scream Queens collection now at Grit N Glory.

Grit N Glory Scream Queen Shredders

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Alternative Black Friday Sales 2016

Alternative Black Friday Shopping

In keeping with last years round up of Alternative Black Friday Sales, might I present to you my list of Alternative Black Friday Sales for 2016.

Compiling these lists really shows to me how much option we have out there. Many small businesses are also taking part once again in the Wild Unknown’sGood Karma Movement‘, donating a portion of their sales to a charity of their choosing. I’d highly recommend also checking out that shop list in detail too and supporting those businesses!

Alternative Black Friday Sales

under the pyramids From Friday 11/25 to Monday 11/28 save 15% off all orders with code: BLACKPYRAMIDS15

Mathyld has also joined the GOOD KARMA SALE movement and will be giving 10% of this weekends sales to Lyme Sans Frontières and Peta France.

April Leino Save 20% on orders now through Sunday November 27 with discount code: NOVEMBER20

Elemental Child All ⚡️Curved Air⚡️and ⚡️Light of the Stars⚡️raw Quartz point crowns are marked down on the website until midnight tonight, EST.

Cat Coven now until Monday night 15% off with code: FEAST

As well Cat Coven will be donating 10% of sales during this time to the Batten Disease Support and Research Association.

LVNEA 20% off all orders until 11/28 with code: BLACKFOREST

PLUS LVNEA will be donating 10% of all orders placed during this time to Sacred Stone Camp.

Alison Scarpulla 40% off all prints now – Monday, using code: ThankYou

10% of all sales this weekend will go directly to Standing Rock as well.

nyxturna now through Monday 11/28 get 25% OFF on all purchases with code: DARKNESS

nyxturna will also be continuing to donate a portion of each purchase to the warriors protecting the land and protesting the DAPL at Standing Rock.

Morph Knitwear Everything is 25% off through December 1 with code: STANDING

An additional 25% of each order is being donated to Standing Rock.

Rock N Roll Bride are giving away back issues of Rock N Roll Bride Magazine for FREE! There’s no code, just click the link and order.

Ancient Hearts Now through Monday, Nov 28th you get 25% off all items with code: AncientFriday

Dajana Heremic Friday through Saturday, Nov 26th all items have a 10% Discount with code: WINTERISHERE

Gypsy Warrior Now through 11/29 get 30% off everything with code: BLACKFRIDAY

Spell and the Gypsy Collective 30% off selected styles now through Monday, Nov 28th Midnight AEDT with code: BLACKFRIDAY30

Burke and Hare Co now through Monday 30% off your purchase with code: BLVCK3

Babe Coven 30% off everything now through Monday with the code: BLACK30

Black Moon Cosmetics 30% off all shades Black Friday 12:01 PST through Cyber Monday 11:59 PST – no code necessary.

Poison Apple Printshop this Friday and through Monday 20% off with code: FROST **Does not include The Hedge Witch’s Herbal Grimoire**

Souvenir Jewelry Save 20% off with code: BLACKOUT

Bill Crisafi now through Monday everything is 30% off with the code: 30black

ᗞEANDRI 20-50% off everything no codes required

Glitter and the Moon 40% off on all robes, bed jackets & french knickers now till midnight GMT 11/28 with code: blackfriday40

SOVRIN now through Monday 11/28 get 20% off with code: WINTERSNOW

Ovate Now until 29th November 20% OFF all clothing and accessories with code: 20off

Inner Decay now through 11/28 get 15% off with code: ALLDECAY

Crown & Glory 20% off everything for this weekend only till 11/28 with code: BLACKFRIDAY

Straight to Hell Apparel Get 20% off, ending Midnight Central standard time on 11/27 using code: BLACKFRI

Fiendies Now through 11/28 get 20% off all spirit boards and planchettes with code: YULETIDE20

Blackhorne Now through Monday take 20% off everything with code: ALLBLACK

Bloody Mary Metal 20% off everything with code: SPENDINGLIKEIMRICH

Maude Nibelungen 25% off storewide through Friday – use code: BLACKFRIDAY2016

Pale Tree Arcana Save 20% off your order of $60 or more now through Monday November 28th at midnight Central time. Use code: FridayNoir

Burial Ground Until Saturday 11/26 get 25% off your jewelry order with the code: Grimoire

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Black Accessory Essentials

black accessories

I’ve been on a bit of a colour binge (well for me) as of late, but nothing beats perfect all black accessories. By this time of year I’m always in sore need of new shoes, a new handbag, and new sunglasses – mostly because I’ve lost or broken my existing ones.

Here are a few black accessory essentials I’m digging as of late –

perfect black accessoriesWild West Bootie in Onyx | Laso Harness Bootie | Canton Booties

Kitti Sunglasses in Noir Crazy Train Sunglasses | Wolves Sunnies

Crazy Hart Tote | Waxed Canvas Tote | The Muse Fringe Bag

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Alternative Black Friday Sales

Alternative Black Friday Sales

[list updated 11/29]

If you’re shopping the Black Friday sales this year consider supporting smaller business and purchasing from independents and artisans such as those found in this Alternative Black Friday sales roundup.

I’ll be adding to this list as things pop up, but below are a few quite fantastic darkly inclined small businesses running sales over the course of the weekend.

And if you know of any I might have missed that would be fitting for this list, please comment as I’d love to know! 🙂

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Oh! You Pretty Things

Needful Things

Dark Desert Nights

I’m currently trying to divert myself from worrying about our furry companion who has taken a turn for the worse again. More emergency vet visits before the weekend, and the news that it’s pretty serious. He’s home now and very happy and back to his usual cuddlesome self, but we’re heartbroken at the possibility he might not make it. We’ve been anxiously waiting for special meds to come in from out of town for him (one of the downsides to not living in a big city), and hoping terribly that this course of action will help him, otherwise, well yeah :/ *sigh*

SO. Yes…back to distracting myself – needful things – a collection of current obsessions (other than worrying about our poor little cat)

Rituel de Fille - Night Visions
Rituel de Fille MakeupThis darkly attuned cosmetic company (which is cruelty free, yay!) has been on my radar for awhile to try, and Rituel de Fille’s recently released Night Visions Collection is stunning. Happily for fellow Canadians The Cure Apothecary in Toronto stocks Rituel de Fille both instore & online, though they don’t have the full range so if you’re after Night Visions you’ll have to order direct from Rituel de Fille.

Sven Signe den Hartogh's Psychedelic photo-montageJantine’s blog Bleaq is an absolute favourite of mine, featuring incredible fine art, photography, fashion and more. A recent discovery thanks to Bleaq the psychedelic photo-montages and photography of Sven Signe den Hartogh. Further work from Sven’s Eternity series and more can be seen on his website.

Caitlin McCarthy PrintsOne day we’ll own a home one day where we can decorate the walls like a mad Victorians with head to toe prints in decadent frames. And when we do, many will be prints of Caitlin McCarthy’s work. Pictured above: The Conduit, The Oracle, and The Medium.

Fluevog SiouxsieEiii! These shoes! Fluevog Siouxsie‘s – just look at those tiny melty skulls on the buckle!

And finally Crimson Peak – is it possible to love a film from the trailer alone? October, October, October you will not come soon enough!

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Ovate FW15 Poèmes Oubliés

Ovate Poemes Oublies

Ovate FW15  Poèmes OubliésOvate  Poèmes Oubliés FW15If you’re a regular reader here you’ll know of my love for Ovate.

Their Fall 2015 collection – Poèmes Oubliés, launched today and is now available for purchase online.

Above are a few of the absolutely breathtaking editorial shots by Ellen Jane Rogers. You can view these in full here.

And a few of my favourites from Poèmes Oubliés below, though quite frankly I’m coveting the whole collection!

Ovate FW15Ovate FW15  Poèmes Oubliés Pieces

Image Credit: Ellen Rogers for Ovate

Musings & Life

Yoga Goes Darkside

Heavy Metal Yoga

When it comes to exercise, I will do anything and everything to avoid it. There’s this mental block in my mind (probably a remnant of childhood gym class trauma) that causes me to seize up with terror at the thought of any physical activity one would view as exercise.

And that’s not to say I haven’t tried over the years to get over this. I’m the queen of awkward gym visits and embarrassing aerobic class blunders. THE QUEEN I TELL YOU. And that’s all I’m telling you, I’ll overshare about my gym misery another day, promise.

So I’ve screwed up a lot in the past with exercise, but I’ve kept trying (hell I even ran a 5k, how that happened I’ll never know). I still kinda suck to be honest with all things gym related. But I have discovered a form of exercise that through repeatedly lying to myself that it isn’t *really* exercise (but really it is), I now enjoy and actually do on a regular basis – and that’s yoga.

One of the things I’ve also found to help motivate my lazy ass is to maintain my sense of self and style while working out.

This may sound a bit ridiculous but bear with me on this train of thought for a moment –

Getting out of your comfort zone and trying new physical activity or hitting up a gym can be pretty intimidating at the best of times. Couple that with being alternative you’re probably not particularly comfortable in mainstream workout gear, maybe that’s why the whole Health Goth thing stemmed from? Or maybe not. BUT given black liquid liner, corsets and Smeggs aren’t exactly conducive to working up a sweat – though Slimelight regulars might argue with me on this one – that doesn’t mean you have to suddenly go day-glo (unless you want to!)

There’s no metal or goth yoga where I live, unlike the awesome Metal Yoga Bones taught by Saskia Thode in Brooklyn or some of the punk rock yoga classes I’ve seen offered in other cities. So I have to be content with a pretty calm and meditative practice at my lovely local studio, or cranking up a little doom if at home.

Anyway! Here are a few darkside yoga essentials:

Yoga Goes Darkside

1// Yoga Capri Pants 2// French Hair Ties 3// Yoga Bolster 4// Dark Pines Tank 5// Yoga Mat Bag 6// Moon Phase Yoga Mat 7// Centre & Ground Yoga Mat Spray 8// Clove Aromatherapy Eye Pillow

And if you’re looking for further reading on the subject of weirdos working out I love Mlle Ghoul’s ‘Weight Loss For Weirdos’ series!

Image Credit: Metal Yoga Bones

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Bloodmilk Jewels – Death & Taxes


I ❤ LOVE ❤ Bloodmilk. The tagline “Supernatural jewels for Surrealist Darlings” is spot on. Original and beautifully crafted, Bloodmilk creates the kind of jewellery I’ve been searching for my entire life but never thought possible. With a love for Max Ernst, Joan of Arc, Greek Mythology and a further array of influences, Bloodmilk Jewels produces dark, thoughtful pieces which are absolutely timeless.

My collection is slowly growing with these treasured jewels, items to invest in, to adore, and for all time. Bloodmilk is breathtaking and I’ll happily save up for their quality work instead of throw away fast-fashion-facsimiles.

And happening now till April 21st is the annual Bloodmilk Death & Taxes sale, with everything marked down 20%, including for the first time ever the Belonging to the Darkness ring, as well as its companion, the Endless Night ring.

If you’re a Bloodmilk fan or new to them, it’s the perfect time to start or add to your collection, obtaining lovelies for yourself while also supporting a wonderful small business!

Bloodmilk JewelsBloodmilk Death & Taxes SaleBloodmilk Necklace

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If you’re unfamiliar with the work of Audrey Cantwell of Ovate then you’re in for a treat with Ovate SS15 DIAPHANE.

Handcrafted in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, Ovate’s clothing is hauntingly beautiful and incredibly comfortable with garments made from cotton, hemp, wool, linen and leather among other materials. The monochromatic palate wonderfully emphasizes the cut and movement of the garments, and mixes well with other pieces by Ovate or within your own wardrobe.

Ovate captures the synthesis between nature’s elegant simplicity and the spare beauty of industrial minimalism. Artistry and functionality coalesce in a liminal space.

This independent business offers up thoughtful and well made pieces that last. I discovered Ovate a few years ago when on a quest for “the perfect hoodie”, and I found it in Ovate’s popular Valhalla hoodie – so popular in fact they’ve brought it back due to the demand for it. Years later, my one is still going strong, though I’m tempted to purchase additional ones for fear it might disappear again!

Since then I’ve picked up several pieces from Ovate, and love them all. I’m definitely a huge fan and look forward to their new collections each F/W and S/S. And Ovate SS15 DIAPHANE is certainly a stunning one, but see for yourself!


ovate washed linen raw edge scarfValhalla Hoodie by Ovate Continue Reading