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June Mixtape: On Days Like This, In Times Like These

Whoops! I seem to have missed May’s Mixtape last month. Admittedly in May I was really listening to a few specific songs ad nauseam, which though great for when I’m in the zone working on something, doesn’t translate well into a mix for others to enjoy.

So, for this months mixtape I’m channelling a ton of nostalgia – 80’s & 90’s gothic rock style nostalgia. I was born too late to be one of the London Batcave kids, but I did catch the tail end of 90’s goth, frequenting the darkwave / trad goth room at Slimelight. I remember being utterly entranced by the older kids with crimped hair, winklepicker boots, and their ability to mix beautifully lace & drapey crushed velvets.

I always try to continue to expand my musical interests and not limit myself to one specific genre, but there’s something rather fun and comforting coming back to this music, “like a healing hand“.


April Mixtape: I Still Sleep On The Left Side

April’s mixtape is an odd one in that it kind of became a collection of songs suited to a post break up landscape. I’m no where near this world now, but have been plenty of times in the past. There’s something rather indulgently wonderful about slightly aggressive “screw you music“.

It’s like that feeling of being purposefully splashed by a car and all you can do is flip the bird. You might be drenched in gross, muddy water but channelling all your angry energy into that one gesture is pretty freeing.

The same thing goes with just allowing yourself to feel the end of a relationship. A musical backdrop can be a great remedy as you move you through the pain and anger, till you’re on the other side of it for the better.


March Mixtape: Lunar Theories & Stellar Remnants

I haven’t been making mixes as much as I used to. I’m totally aging myself here, but I think I really miss the intimacy of actually making a physical mixtape.

Much like creating a cut & paste zine, there was something wonderfully tactile about compiling the audio equivalent. Ranging from simple, pen scrawled track listings on a blank cassette insert to the more extravagant and thought out handmade artwork and linear notes, mixtapes were little pieces of art in their own right.

Even though I’ve seen cassette tapes popping up and starting to gain retro cool credibility, realistically, I won’t be rocking a walkman any time soon. Enter 8tracks. I’ve had mad love for this site for awhile, it’s a mixtape for the digital age, curated by real people. I love discovering new stuff via 8tracks, so am going to try and dust off my account a bit and have a go making mixes again. This is the first in a series of monthly mixes – March comes in like lamb this year, nostalgic and dreamy.

Are you on 8tracks? Let me know I’d love to follow you!


White Ravens, Black Sands


Recently I’ve found myself listening to a lot of psychedelic rock, and stoner/sludge/doom metal.

I haven’t forsaken my post-punk roots (all hail Siouxsie Sioux) but am thoroughly enjoying a totally new musical experience. Jeff’s finding it pretty amusing after my years of shrugging off metal, and has taken to leaving music in my iTunes for me to find. Little musical easter eggs all my own.

So inspired by my new found love of doom metal, here’s a mixtape of what’s currently on heavy rotation for me, enjoy!


Canada Day Mix Tape

Happy Canada Day! To celebrate (and because I’m totally feeling like Johnny Nostalgia today) here’s an 8tracks mix of 90’s alternative Canadian music inspired from zine days and all ages shows of yore. Featuring Sloan, Jale, Eric’s Trip, Moist, Thrush Hermit, Cub and a ton more.