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Splashing the Wine With all the Rain Dogs

Rain Dogs Style

1// Black Wool Hat 2// Of the Earth Crystal Necklace 3// Jet Black Mast Jeans
4// Witching Hour Fringe Cloak with Ram Print 5// Dr.Martens Jadon Boots 6// Noctex Long T-Shirt

Spring has finally come to the North, and with it rain, helping to wash away the last dregs of muddied snow. I thought I’d chronicle my attempts to shake off the dust in my wardrobe now that winter and I have parted ways, but I’ve discovered the art of fashion blogging photography eludes me. That, and my iPhone isn’t quite up to snuff for the job. So, instead a style inspire of pieces I’m donning for riverwalks on grey spring days. The Witching Hour Fringe Cloak by SOVRIN is a current favourite, sold out at the moment, their other pieces are just as lovely!

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