Out Come The Wolves

Patrick Wolf

The music is equally dramatic, switching between industrial electro, Russian-tinged folk and acoustic yearning. Patrick plays the accordion, sings like a fallen angel. It’s hard to tell if he’s channelling David Bowie, Nina Hagen or the Count from Sesame Street but the overall effect is both confrontationally sexual and slightly giggle-inducing. And it is sincere. Patrick is a man whose songs come from the heart, whether that heart beats beneath black feathers or an S&M truss.Miranda Sawyer for the Guardian.

Right about now Patrick Wolf is almost finished his in store performance at Rough Trade East in London. I really wish I was there right now as opposed to being confined to my desk at work an ocean way.

Patrick Wolf

I’ve been really inspired as of late by the young Mr.Wolf with his lush electronics and organic strings. I’m drawn to his hypnotic music which blends perfectly modern electronics while utilizing folk and classical instruments superbly.

Patrick Wolf playing the violin
I worked with a Theatre Director years ago who created performances that he would privately score. This was done in the sense that he believed if he found “the song” which encapsulated the world of the play, he would “have the play” and be able to direct using this song as the underpinning of the piece. Whether it was ever actually played for an audience watching was neither here nor there – it was useful for the rehearsal process and as frame of reference which grounded his work, and would help him when stuck.

Some of the strongest performances I’ve seen have been under his direction, always with such a clear and strong vision, grounded by the music.

From a performers perspective, it was a really enjoyable way to work too.

Patrick Wolf Sundark & RiverlightListening to Patrick Wolf’s music I find whole stories unfolding in my mind, a soundtrack to a film or play still being told. I love how music inspires and helps  to fuel other arts in addition to originally telling its own tale.

I saw Patrick Wolf years ago at the Mod Club in Toronto during the Nylon Tour. It was a fantastic performance, and wish I’d been in town for his acoustic show this past Fall.

Wolf’s recent release of Sundark and Riverlight, marks 10 years since Lycanthropy came out. With acoustic versions of previous releases it’s an epically beautiful double album, and a delightful and fresh way to revisit some of his earlier work.


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