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Parachute Coffee Review

Parachute Coffee Review - 49th Parallel Coffee June

Since breaking my caffeine habit when I gave up coffee for a month, I’ve been pretty determined not to go back to my old 7+ cups a day routine.

The benefits of quitting excessive caffeine consumption have been crazy noticeable and I feel so much better. However I still love a good cup of coffee and don’t want to totally cut it out. So with introducing a limited amount of coffee back into my life, I’m being more picky in what I’m drinking.

Where I live, the selection is limited. There are a few local roasters which I’ll pick up from regularly, but hey variety is the ‘spice of life’ and all that, so I decided to to look at some subscription services. Yes that’s right, a coffee of the month club. Coffee is awesome. And getting coffee in the mail is even awesomer (Yes that’s a word. Ok not really).

I ended up subscribing to Parachute Coffee based in Toronto, and so far am loving it. Total transparency – this is NOT a sponsored post, I just loves me some coffee and reviews are useful things.

Parachute Coffee 49th Parallel RoasterCoffee Subscription Details

  • For $25 CDN each month, you’ll be sent a different craft roast from a range of award-winning Canadian Coffee Roasters.
  • Freshly roasted whole beans, which brews approx. 40 cups of coffee.
  • Based in Canada, and they do ship internationally if you’re after some fine Canadian coffee, eh.
  • Free express shipping, no tax, you can cancel any time and no contracts.

So, I can’t speak to the ease of unsubscribing since I haven’t tried to and don’t want to. A major pain in the ass for a lot of subscription services though is trying to cancel. From digging around the FAQ there’s no immediately clear way on ‘HOW TO UNSUBSCRIBE’, which ya I get, they don’t want it to be easy for you to quit, but offering instructions & a straight forward way on how to unsub makes for a more pleasant churn experience (and the likelihood you’d be more inclined to return in future), or recommend the service to friends.

Or hey, like some subscription boxes do maybe offer a pause or a month off option? Just my 2 cents.

Cost wise – $25 a month isn’t bad at all, especially if you factor in express shipping and you’re able to try out some truly fantastic coffee you might not have a chance to otherwise.Brew Kit from Parachute CoffeeWhat I really love about Parachute Coffee though that sealed the deal over other monthly coffee boxes was the fact that they offer a Brew Kit.

Given I’m trying to decrease my coffee consumption (no more big ass pots of coffee), this was perfect.

The Brew Kit comprised of a Hario Coffee Grinder, Clever Coffee Brewer and a first month coffee subscription is great for someone like me that doesn’t want to brew a huge pot or generally makes a total mess with a French Press. Total nice touch – the inclusion of a few filters with the kit meaning I didn’t have to dash out right away to get ones to fit the Clever. IMMEDIATE COFFEE GRATIFICATION! The how to video as well is pretty bemusing.

WTF Is A Clever?
Hario Coffee MillI kinda like having to hand grind my own coffee too. It doesn’t freak the hell out of my cats like my electric grinder does, and I have to “work” for my coffee in a sense. The Clever uses bamboo filters, making it pretty easy to clean up and it also only brews 2 cups of coffee max, meaning I won’t go overboard. Even with the Grinder & Clever, it still feels less cluttered in my kitchen than the regular coffee maker.

Overall, I’m really digging Parachute Coffee. The July roast arrived quite quickly and is super tasty like June’s. If you like coffee and trying different roasts, I’d recommend it for sure, and especially for fellow Canadians who are often excluded from US subscription boxes (boo-urns).

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