May The Fourth Be With You – Star Wars Tattoos

Leia & Han. I love. I know.

You’re a girl. You can’t like Star Wars!” was frustratingly something I heard often from other children when I was little.

Happily my parents disagreed, and both my Brother and I grew up on a healthy diet of Star Wars. I’m also glad to be of an age where I was young enough to love the Ewoks (I don’t care if they look like little bears on crack, they’re my bitey furry friends!) Caravan of Courage: An Ewok Adventure always had me wishing my curls were blonde or that I had a snazzy white headband like Cindel too. And the Droids cartoon was an absolute classic.

I still love the films and was so excited to to see the new one had such a strong female lead with the character of Rey.

And yes though The Force Awakens may be derivative of A New Hope, that doesn’t make it any less of a fun film, and also, what feels like an apology to fans and a promise that this trilogy of films will not be like the prequels.

So, here we are another May The Fourth, and what better way to get your geek on this Star Wars Day then with a round up of some fantastic Star Wars tattoos – all of which have been created by several highly talented lady tattooers! And if you’re on Instagram and love tattoos, be sure to show your support and follow these artists as well!

Star Wars Tattoos

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And for some killer Star Wars inspired flash, be sure to checkout Parlor Tattoo Prints (the artwork pictured at the top of this post of Leia & Han is from there) by the talented Quyen Dinh!

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