March Mixtape: Lunar Theories & Stellar Remnants

I haven’t been making mixes as much as I used to. I’m totally aging myself here, but I think I really miss the intimacy of actually making a physical mixtape.

Much like creating a cut & paste zine, there was something wonderfully tactile about compiling the audio equivalent. Ranging from simple, pen scrawled track listings on a blank cassette insert to the more extravagant and thought out handmade artwork and linear notes, mixtapes were little pieces of art in their own right.

Even though I’ve seen cassette tapes popping up and starting to gain retro cool credibility, realistically, I won’t be rocking a walkman any time soon. Enter 8tracks. I’ve had mad love for this site for awhile, it’s a mixtape for the digital age, curated by real people. I love discovering new stuff via 8tracks, so am going to try and dust off my account a bit and have a go making mixes again. This is the first in a series of monthly mixes – March comes in like lamb this year, nostalgic and dreamy.

Are you on 8tracks? Let me know I’d love to follow you!

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