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I’ve been away for the past bit trying to sneak in a semi-vacation before the holidays with a quick trip home to visit my family. Spending several days at the Tattoo Hero head office in Ottawa made it more of a working holiday of sorts, though I was able to see a few dear friends for coffee and well overdue catch ups before heading back up North. Subsequently though, I’ve found myself trying to play catch up a bit since getting back. I can’t get over how fast October flew by this year. Blinked and we’re already approaching mid November. The first snow storm of the year too is now looming, looking outside I can’t decipher the street or houses in the distance, everything is washed in a blur of cold white snow. Lovetober is well and truly over.

Lovetober Instagram Photos#Lovetober? Yuup, Lovetober!

Blogcademy Headmistress extraordinaire Gala Darling ran an Instagram challenge aptly named #Lovetober for the month of October which generated close to 20,000 entries! The challenge prompted people to post daily to Instagram along a specific theme each day using the #lovetober hashtag.

I decided to play along as I’ve never taken part in an IG challenge before and thought it might be fun. And it was, in spades. Sometimes I find when you’re given a framework or set of parameters to work within it creatively frees you up even more than if you just have free reign to make or create anything. Also a great chance to meet new people albeit digitally and see how others interpreted the daily themes.

Gala Darling's Lovetober Instagram Challenge

These are a few of my photos from the past month. You can find them & me on Instagram as well. And be sure to check out the #lovetober hashtag on IG, there some really interesting and diverse posts from the challenge.

As well here are the weekly recaps and picks from Gala Darling on her blog (try and find two of my photos there, heh!)

Witchy a Go-Go Lovetober Photos

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