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As part of the What’s Underneath Project a recent feature on Diane Goldie: I’m a larger, menopausal, 51-year-old woman. I am not invisible, really struck me regarding self acceptance and previously held self perceptions – “I thought that was my identity, the damage was my identity” [NOTE: TRIGGER WARNING for survivors of abuse]

Great Moments In Historical Sluttery: Vali Myers, Wandering Nature Spirit.

PJ Harvey Criticized by D.C. Politicians Over “The Community of Hope. Dammit do I love PJ.

A thoughtful piece by Marie Southard Ospina – Why We Should Stop Saying “You’re Not Fat, You’re Beautiful” For Good.


Sean Lennon and Primus’s Les Claypool Announce Album as the Claypool Lennon Delirium, Share “Mr. Wright”. Or as I like to call these two wonderful gentlemen “The Weirdy Beardies” 😉

Loving this podcast – La Mystique Féminine Vol. 2, of Frankie Teardrop’s favorite archives, the second in a regular series which “focuses entirely on female-fronted projects, running the gamut from experimental industrial dirges to minimal post-punk, jumping between countries and continents with only the feminine mystique to string these songs together.

Ooooh! A new song from Metal Mother up on SoundCloud now – ‘Insider‘.

And if you haven’t heard any of Taara Tati’s stunning work previously, might I direct you to one of my favourites, her full length album IONIKA:


The absolute Queen of Fragrance in my mind, with an excellent knack of capturing beautifully in words what varying scents smell like – Sarah Elizabeth; writes further on the subject in “A Year in Fragrance: Witch’s Workbench“.

Grimes is the face of Stella McCartney’s new fragrance, an environmentally friendly fragrance, called POP. Interested to see what this smells like.

Sometimes I find it hard to try new things when I feel like I’ve found perfection (I’m speaking for my love with pretty much everything Beth & Ted of Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab do perfume wise), so I’m surprised to be currently really hooked on OLO fragrances. Particularly Victory Wolf and Dark Wave. Both you might clock have woody notes in them, Victory Wolf is much smokier whereas Dark Wave has notes of Cardamom, Indonesian Vetivert and Wood and is meant to “envelope you”, which I find it certainly does. Just love it!

Additionally I’ve been meaning to try LVNEA’s new(er) range of scented bath & body products (ooh, also candles!)

I’m not overly huge with most floral perfumes, but one floral scent I adore in spades is lilac. EauMG’s Guide to Lilac Perfumes is an excellent place to start for lilac scented recommendations.

When I was in Junior High one of the stoner kids in class used to always have a giant ass bottle of CK One on him. I remeber one day when the effect of a lit lighter with a spray of cologne was discovered. Soon thereafter other kids were bringing in bottles of CK One and making their own lighter blow torches. Stoner Kid eventually got caught doing it *in class* and had to write a speech and deliver it in front of everyone about “Fire Safety”. When I read about a TTC rider’s hair set on fire, another sprayed in face with perfume, my first thought of was of that fire safety speech and how it’s lucky the assailant hadn’t been in my grade 8 class or it could have been a lot worse.


Shirley Manson on Her Beauty Philosophy: ‘I Wear Makeup Not To Attract But To Repel’.

Bloody Mary Metal have recently launched their new Outlaws & Bandits collection, and it’s fab! I’m especially loving ANNORA necklace and the MAVERICK ring. [Part of collection picture below. Photo Credit: Bloody Mary Metal]

Bloody Mary Metal Outlaws and BanditsCurrent style crush: Jag Lever. I love a woman that knows how to rock shorts & tights together, frankly I look like an idiot and can’t pull this look off, so appreciate it when others do so adeptly. Particularly digging this recent leather & red dress look of Jag Lever’s and this sweet little New Year’s ensemble.

Also. Naelle Devannah. Oh my goodness do I ADORE beautiful curls and unnatural hair colour. And that eye make up! Just smashing <3

I’ve been looking for a really smart vegan leather jacket for some time and came across Straight to Hell Apparel. They offer both regular leather and vegan leather coats and vests for men and women. Currently eyeing up their Lady’s Vegan Jacket Commando, just need to hunt down some further reviews regarding fit, always have issues fitting my big ‘ol biceps. Have any of you tried Straight to Hell products before?


A few favourites spotted on Instagram this past month, eiii the ink envy!

Better photo from the other night. #queenofhearts

A photo posted by Yvonne Kang (@yvekang) on


A photo posted by bDC◼️?◼️ #288 (@chelseytattoos) on


31 years ago on March 11 Sisters of Mercy released the now classic ‘First and Last and Always‘.

And speaking of SOM, Wayne Hussey will be playing this years Whitby Goth Weekend Apr 22nd – Apr 24th if you happen to be North Yorkshire way.

Handmade Winklepickers anyone? Try the Gothic Shoe Company.

‘When They Invent A Darker Colour’: Black Skin versus the Pale Aesthetic – an interesting guest post on the Blogging Goth from Jacqueline about her experiences as a minority in an alternative subculture.

And just because I love this version so much:



Vertical Cat Fort

A vertical cat fort is a total necessity for a house right? yes?

And this little gem. I’ve been killing myself laughing at this video, and now we’ve started saying HEY around the house like this whenever Lemmy starts meowing at us.

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  • Reply
    April 8, 2016 at 10:34 pm

    LVNEA has got some of the most gorgeous packaging I have ever seen! I have one of their scents– Wild in the Woods? I think it’s called? I picked it up in Portland but I am not certain if they have it on their site. It’s spicy and loamy and really unique. And their candles! OMG. They have one with jasmine, orange blossom, frankincense, cardamom, and geranium that sounds utterly divine.

    I tried a few OLO scents a while back and I think the one that I fell in love with was Valens (black pepper, cinnamon, carnation and geranium). Huh. I must really like me some geranium.

    I had never heard of Metal Mother before! I am just a few notes in and I am already in love.

    • Reply
      April 9, 2016 at 4:22 pm

      Oh man ya, I kept their packaging it was so pretty! I tried several of their scents some were really hit or miss on me. Loved Ghost Pine and Black Sea. And it looks like the ones I disliked aren’t available anymore, particularly there was a desert one which sounded amazing but was like gasoline on my skin sadly. Wild in the Woods sounds divine! Oooh I’ll have to give Valens from OLO a try next of theirs. And glad to hear you’re digging Metal Mother 😀 Stumbled over her work a few years ago and just got hooked.

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