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Review: Likely General, Toronto

Likely General haul

I’ve been dying to check out Likely General in Toronto for some time now.

That feeling of missing out on something always hits me when I move away from a somewhere. Like everything going on in the world I once inhabited suddenly takes on a glossier sheen than before. I somehow magically forget how much I hated commuting and being wedged under someones armpit on the street car or the sweltering humidity in the summer or any number of things that would grind me down daily.

The grass is always greener and all that yes, BUT, having moved to a small town, I’ve realized one is afforded a lot more opportunities to experience and do cool things if they live in an urban center. And I miss that element of city living a lot. An abundance of interesting new independent shops such as Likely General, really makes me feel torn as to where my heart should call home.

Likely General in Roncesvalles, TorontoAnyway! Enough on that, I want to talk about how awesome Likely General is. Situated in one of my favourite areas of Toronto – Roncesvalles in the west end of the city, Brooke Manning’s Likely General is a bright, large shop that also doubles as a space to showcase creative work by up-and-coming artists.

Likely General states that their “main objective is to promote contemporary makers and artists who create in small batches while keeping integrity in mind.”

And they do this beautifully in my opinion. I was delighted to find a wonderful selection of curated goods from some of my favourite independent businesses in stock when I visited.

Likely General TorontoIn addition for being a go-to for beautiful, handmade goods they also host a variety of events and workshops as well as an ongoing Feminist Film night. (Ok, can you see why I’m bemoaning not being remotely near the city anymore?)

I’m glad I was finally able to pop by the shop when last in Toronto. I picked up a few things while there, including Dark Wave by OLO Fragrance which smells absolutely incredible. Hell, any of the below goodies I’d highly recommend. My house smells amazing with the Campfire Incense or White Sage Mini’s burning, and I’ve found a new favourite for my face skincare routine with Herbivore Botanicals Bamboo Charcoal soap (this stuff is so good and has seriously cleared my skin up). Below are descriptions of each.


Bespoke ScentsOLO FRAGRANCE Dark Wave – Cardamom – Indonesian Vetivert – Wood. Each fragrance continues to be hand blended and bottled to order. OLO Fragrance blends contain fractionated coconut oil, essential oils, key accords and absolutes.

JUNIPER RIDGE White Sage Mini Smudge Sticks. “Beautiful leaf clusters and enormous flowering stalks burst forth in the spring, painting streaks of white against the rusty green hillsides.”

HERBIVORE BOTANICALS Bamboo Charcoal Soap – Tea Tree + Bergamot. 100% natural and vegan soap handcrafted in Seattle, Washington.

JUNIPER RIDGE Campfire Incense – Sweetgrass. Made only from wildcrafted plants, tree sap, wood and bark found hiking the backcountry. No hidden fragrances, charcoal or perfume.

Likely General TorontoSo if you find yourself in Toronto, besides checking out a lovely part of the city (Top Tip: there’s a great Polish Bar down the street from Likely General called the Inter Steer Tavern. I have a serious soft spot for it, and they make great pierogies!), it’s well worth the jaunt to the west end just to visit Likely General.

WHERE: 389 Roncesvalles Ave, Toronto, Ontario, M6R 2N1, Canada.

LIKELY GENERAL HOURS: Monday – Friday, 12-7 | Saturday 11-7 | Sunday 12-6

LIKELY GENERAL ONLINE: Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr.

Disclaimer: Not a sponsored post, all items purchased with my own money and review/opinion fully my own 🙂

Additional Store Image Credits: Likely General’s Instagram.

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