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LBDD – A Month in the Same Dress

lbdd challenge

This month, I’ll be wearing the same Little Black Dress every day.


Yes, that’s right, a month in the same dress.

The challenge – wear the same Little Black Dress Daily (LBDD) in February. The dress in question is a simple cotton one purchased from fast fashion retail giant H&M for the grand total of $14.95 CDN.

LBDD Challenge

This undertaking is inspired by my friend Micol’s (re)action to consumerism, sweatshop labour and waste. In January she wore the same LBDD from Forever 21 everyday as a personal experiment and reaction to excessive consumerism in North America, among many other reasons as well.

My good friend Diana is also undertaking this challenge for February.

Diana, Micol and I all met back in the early heydays of internet newsgroups on (yes we’re all un-recovering goths). It’s not a huge step out of our comfort zone to wear a black dress everyday, but the same one? That will be a completely different matter.

A.G.F was a fantastic newsgroup where we were constantly inspired and challenged with building and creating interesting wardrobes. There was a lot of DIY, vintage and thrifting to create looks but it was also an enabling nightmare. With bludgeoning internet retailers being discovered and shared with one another and the beginning of fast fashion making readily available even cheaper clothing that gelled with our alternative styles, it was bound to get out of control.

Years later, we’re all still suffering from shopping hangovers and overflowing wardrobes of beautiful and stunning impracticalities.

Riding the 501 Queen in an Unknown Pleasures Tshirt

So when Micol started with her LBDD campaign, I decided to follow suit.

My reasons are similar to hers, and I’m under no illusion that this will change the world. It’s a personal challenge and reflection on the nature of my own consumerism.

My hope is that this LBDD month will help me in future be more thoughtful about my purchases, and that I’ll work towards supporting small business and individual artisans and crafts people instead of always looking for the cheapest deal. Because often the cheapest deal, is not the best deal for everyone concerned.

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