June Mixtape: On Days Like This, In Times Like These

Whoops! I seem to have missed May’s Mixtape last month. Admittedly in May I was really listening to a few specific songs ad nauseam, which though great for when I’m in the zone working on something, doesn’t translate well into a mix for others to enjoy.

So, for this months mixtape I’m channelling a ton of nostalgia – 80’s & 90’s gothic rock style nostalgia. I was born too late to be one of the London Batcave kids, but I did catch the tail end of 90’s goth, frequenting the darkwave / trad goth room at Slimelight. I remember being utterly entranced by the older kids with crimped hair, winklepicker boots, and their ability to mix beautifully lace & drapey crushed velvets.

I always try to continue to expand my musical interests and not limit myself to one specific genre, but there’s something rather fun and comforting coming back to this music, “like a healing hand“.

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