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Black Accessory Essentials

black accessories

I’ve been on a bit of a colour binge (well for me) as of late, but nothing beats perfect all black accessories. By this time of year I’m always in sore need of new shoes, a new handbag, and new sunglasses – mostly because I’ve lost or broken my existing ones.

Here are a few black accessory essentials I’m digging as of late –

perfect black accessoriesWild West Bootie in Onyx | Laso Harness Bootie | Canton Booties

Kitti Sunglasses in Noir Crazy Train Sunglasses | Wolves Sunnies

Crazy Hart Tote | Waxed Canvas Tote | The Muse Fringe Bag

Oh! You Pretty Things

Gift Guide: Your ‘Best Witches’


Sitting in a fancy restaurant surrounded by couples going through the motions on Valentine’s Day seems like a special kind of hell. I tried this last year, partly out of a sense of morbid social curiosity and partly because the V-Day menu looked like all kinds of nomnomnom. We made a reservation, dressed up and trotted on down to said restaurant. The meal was amazing, and we enjoyed each others company but I don’t think we’ll be doing that again any time soon, as the atmosphere was one of utter gloom and crushing misery radiating off of the other couples.

Romantic love is amazing, but so is the love you have for your friends. The best Valentine’s I ever spent was actually with a group of my girlfriends who were all very much single at the time; instead of bah-humbug’ing the day we decided to get dressed to the nines and head out on the town for some cocktails. It was a very rowdy, and a very fun night.

I know a lot of people can get the grumps with these sort of holidays, but commercialism aside, it’s just nice to be able to tell someone you care whether it’s with a handmade card, a gift, or even just a print out of one of these freebie CBC Music Valentine’s Day cards (though if you give me the Kenny G one I will cut you).

So in the spirit of recognizing awesome friendships this Valentine’s, here’s a wee gift guide feature for pressies under $50 to help you celebrate your ‘Best Witches’.

Gift Guide: Your ‘Best Witches’

Ladies of Grace Adieu TeeBest Witches - Tiny Skulls and NotebooksBurned at the Stake Burke and Hare Co Candle
Ladies of Grace Adieu by Bunny DeeBurned at the Stake Candle from Burke and Hare Co, Small Skull Pendant by Elaine Ho, Set of 3 Witch Love Jotter Notebooks from Middle Dune

Cat Coven Memento Mori Pin & Magic Hour CandleTwo Witches Mini Print Wool and Water
Spirit Candle from Magic Hour Astrology, Memento Mori Pin Set by Cat Coven, Two Witches mini print by Amy Earles

Oh! You Pretty Things

Monochromatic Gift Guide + Giveaway

Xmas is coming

The next instalment in my holiday series Gift Guides for Weird Girls is for that person you’re shopping for who has a penchant for black, white, & grey monochromatic colours.

If you’re a regular reader here, you know I’m huge on handmade and supporting small businesses. All the items in this monochromatic gift guide fall into those categories, and are also Canadian. Alright Eh!

I’m also super stoked (yes I just wrote super stoked and it’s not even throwback/flashback anything day) to have partnered with Etsy to offer a giveaway for one lucky reader to win a $50 Etsy Gift Card just in time for the holidays!

So my dears, read on and be sure to enter for a chance to win you!

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Oh! You Pretty Things

Holiday Gift Guide: Cat Loving Metal Babes

Xmas Metal Cat

Flipping through magazines or weekly papers in the city, I often found myself generally unimpressed with conventional gift guides for women. Nothing featured ever resonated with me – either for myself or as a present I might give someone else.

So, I’ve decided to make my own this holiday season with Gift Guides for Weird Girls, the first in the series geared towards ‘Cat Loving Metal Babes‘.

Cat Loving Metal Babes Gift GuideFIRST COLUMN: 1. Haste Malaise ‘Wooden Church’Photo Print, 2. Leopard Mini Skirt, 3. Black Cat Patch. SECOND COLUMN: 1. Heavy Metal Necklace, 2. Black Metallic Leggings, 3. Saber Tooth Cat Skull Ring, 4. My Cat Listens to Metal Tee. THIRD COLUMN: 1. Black Darkness Cat Cave, 2. Black Metal Coffee Mug, 3. Sabbath Studdy Sabbath Soap, 4. Metal Cats Book.

Oh! You Pretty Things

Needful Things

Dark Desert Nights

I’m currently trying to divert myself from worrying about our furry companion who has taken a turn for the worse again. More emergency vet visits before the weekend, and the news that it’s pretty serious. He’s home now and very happy and back to his usual cuddlesome self, but we’re heartbroken at the possibility he might not make it. We’ve been anxiously waiting for special meds to come in from out of town for him (one of the downsides to not living in a big city), and hoping terribly that this course of action will help him, otherwise, well yeah :/ *sigh*

SO. Yes…back to distracting myself – needful things – a collection of current obsessions (other than worrying about our poor little cat)

Rituel de Fille - Night Visions
Rituel de Fille MakeupThis darkly attuned cosmetic company (which is cruelty free, yay!) has been on my radar for awhile to try, and Rituel de Fille’s recently released Night Visions Collection is stunning. Happily for fellow Canadians The Cure Apothecary in Toronto stocks Rituel de Fille both instore & online, though they don’t have the full range so if you’re after Night Visions you’ll have to order direct from Rituel de Fille.

Sven Signe den Hartogh's Psychedelic photo-montageJantine’s blog Bleaq is an absolute favourite of mine, featuring incredible fine art, photography, fashion and more. A recent discovery thanks to Bleaq the psychedelic photo-montages and photography of Sven Signe den Hartogh. Further work from Sven’s Eternity series and more can be seen on his website.

Caitlin McCarthy PrintsOne day we’ll own a home one day where we can decorate the walls like a mad Victorians with head to toe prints in decadent frames. And when we do, many will be prints of Caitlin McCarthy’s work. Pictured above: The Conduit, The Oracle, and The Medium.

Fluevog SiouxsieEiii! These shoes! Fluevog Siouxsie‘s – just look at those tiny melty skulls on the buckle!

And finally Crimson Peak – is it possible to love a film from the trailer alone? October, October, October you will not come soon enough!

Oh! You Pretty Things

Bohemian Vintage Witch

Bohemian Vali Myers

My wardrobe once upon a time was almost entirely comprised of second hand or vintage finds. Visiting San Francisco years ago – an absolute vintage & thrifting mecca – saw me coming away with an extra suitcase of clothes I picked up at Buffalo Exchange alone.

And while I still try to shop second hand it’s been harder to find pieces that I love which also fit well. Living in a small Northern community also means less luck finding interesting things than you would in a larger city. Thankfully, interwebs.

Bohemian Vintage Witch

Bohemian Vintage Witch

First Row

1. Yellow Dahlia Flower Crown $35.00 USD – from Hollywood Villians.
2.  Western Black Tooled Leather Handbag $48.00 USD – from aintweswank.
3. 70’s Wide Brimmed Feather Felt Hat £60.00 GBP – from Rouge Pony.
4. Vintage 90’s Boho Vest $37.00 USD – from Drifter Vintage.

Second Row

5. Chiffon Maxi Dress Kaftan $455.00 USD – from nanometer.
6. 80’s Lace Dress $65.00 USD – from Girl And A Gun Vintage.
7. Emerald Green Crushed Velvet Maxi Dress £50.00 GBP – from Velvet Cave.
8. 1950’s Black Sunglasses £10.00 GBP – from Monislondres.

Third Row

9. Black Leather Ankle Boots $63.00 USD – from Adrian And Olga Company.
10. 90’s Crushed Velvet Skirt $32.00 USD – from Shop Twitch Vintage.
11. Mother of Pearl Crescent Moon Earrings $30.00 USD – from Medusa Moderna Vintage.
12. Witchy 70’s Top $32.75 USD – from Hypnotica Vintage.

Image Credit: Vali Myers, Love On the Left Bank.

Oh! You Pretty Things

The One of a Kind Show

Toronto One of a Kind Show Spring

We may have just been hit by another 10 inches of snow, but I’m stubbornly believing Spring is right around the corner. If it isn’t, I’m seriously going to go all White Witch style on Northern Ontario, complete with a sweet ice crown a-la-Tilda Swinton.

The One of a Kind Show in Toronto though is a beckoning light through March’s snowy stubbornness and is always a delight to attend each Spring.

Where as during the Christmas OOAKS my purchases are strictly gift-giving, (I picked up a gorgeous print of Big Sur for Jeff one year from Matt Kowalski Photography), Spring is the perfect time for self renewal and a chance to add a bit of a refresh to your wardrobe or home.

Etsy plays host again this year at the One of a Kind Show to a vibrant group of Etsy Sellers, showcasing their work and the community in a dedicated Etsy section at the show.

And with ticket purchases you can donate to the most excellent Girls Rock Camp Toronto, the One of a Kind Show’s dedicated charity for Spring 2015. I attended a Girls Rock Camp recital a few years back and it was pretty awesome to say the least, they’re a wonderful charity empowering young women through music.

So if you’re in Toronto or headed that way soon here are some of the event details at a glance:

WHEN: Wednesday, March 25th – Sunday, March 29th, 2015.
WHERE: Direct Energy Centre, Exhibition Place, M6K 3C3 Toronto, Canada.
TICKET COST: $7.00 – $12.00 CAD

Here are a few of my picks from the Etsy One of a Kind Show Section at this years show:

Etsy OOAKS15

Etsy @ The One Of A Kind Show

First Row

1. Damask Pattern Diamond Point Bow Tie and Pocket Square set $45.35 CAD – from VIVID Clothing Toronto.
2. Anatomical Laser-cut Heart $48.00 USD – from lightpaper.
3. Matryoshka Nesting Dolls $78.00 CAD – from Ivy Taylor Goods.

Second Row

4. Screw Head Stud Earrings $40.00 CAD – from Esther Chabot Bijoux.
5. Frida Kahlo Leggings $70.00 CAD – from Caracarmina.
6. Sienna Vintage Brass Italian Chain + Glass Crystal Bracelet $39.00 CAD – from Standing O Accessories.

Third Row

7. Black & White Polka Dot Heart Pillow $36.00 USD – from Dayna Lee Collection.
8. Arcana Tee $20.00 USD – from Prints and Needles.
9. The Edge of the World Photograph $30.00 USD – from The Lonely Pixel.

Oh! You Pretty Things

Let The Light In

window light

Winter dredges on – we’ve been snowbound since the end of October. The days are short, the nights are long and dark. Going for walks now you often won’t encounter another soul, all the sound you hear are your own boots crunching in the snow and birdsong. It’s always a wonder how these little birds survive these long cold days but they do. The dark can creep in and try to pull you down, it’s incredible how much the lack of sun can affect you. I’ve found, (though nothing compares to sunshine itself) that something as simple as picking up more candles, often scented, and lit nightly helps to regain a sense of balance and warmth in these darker months. Here are a few candles from small businesses to help you let the light in this winter.

let the light in

Let The Light In

First Row

1. Clearing Handmade Ritual Candle $15.00 USD – from Magic Hour Astrology.
2. Odin Viking Pillar Candle £15.00 GBP – from SigRun Art.
3. Creativity Spell Candle $15.00 CAD – from Witchery Way.
4. Wolf Moon Black Musk Scented Candle $19.00 USD – from Witch City Wicks.

Second Row

5. Saint Siouxsie Sioux Prayer Candle $6.99 USD – from Greaser Creatures.
6. No. 4: Teakwood & Tobacco Soy Candle $22.00 USD – from Pommes Frites.
7. Darkwave Clove Scented Candle $20.00 USD – from Burke & Hare Co.
8. Smoked Caramel Double Wick Candle $50.00 AUD – from Manili Home.

Third Row

9. Americano Coffee Wine Bottle Candle $25.00 USD – from Onyx Exchange.
10. Ms. Betty’s Original Bad Ass Soy Candle $18.00 USD – from Bad Ass Candles.
11. Beeswax Owl Candle $16.00 USD – from Peace Blossom Candles.
12. Aqua Mason Jar Lantern with Moroccan Styled Copper Detailing $28.00 USD – from LIT decor.

Oh! You Pretty Things

Bath & Body Gifts For The Independent Beauty

Bath & Beauty Gifts

I love to give bath and body pressies. And always try to keep in mind when purchasing, specific scents friends or loved ones especially like or dislike. These little luxuries make a wonderful treat for someone, offering them a reason to stop and indulge themselves and take some time to relax – something many of us need to do more of.

There’s something super blissful about being able to come home, close the door (and the world for that matter) behind you, and just sink into a delicious smelling bath and unwind.

Often a default present option – “Oh just get Mom some smelly soaps or something”, bath & body gifts don’t have to be bland or impersonal. If you’re on the hunt for stocking stuffers or gift ideas, these thoughtfully crafted items might be the perfect thing for that independent beauty you’re shopping for.

And these items are extra awesome as they’re handmade and you’ll be supporting small business too!

Bath & Body Gifts for the Independent Beauty

Bath & Body Gifts for the Independent Beauty

First Row

1. Ghost Pine Perfume Oil $35.00 USD – from LVNEA.
2. Dead Sea Bath Salt Set $44.00 USD – from Herbivore Botanicals.
3. Black Rose Facial Soap $4.00 USD – from Nouveau Riche Soap.
4. Bohemian Lager Soap Whip $7.00 USD – from Purple Cat Creatives.

Second Row

5. Mint Julep Sugar Scrub Cubes $12.00 USD – from Black Kettle Soap Company.
6. Vegan Face Toner $14.00 USD – from Soapy Layne.
7. Slate Grey Hair Dye $19.99 USD – from Lunar Tides Hair.
8. Vanilla + Fir Body Oil $28.00 USD – from Caru Skincare Co.

Third Row

9. Ink Balm Natural Tattoo Aftercare $24.95 USD – from Wild Rose Herbs.
10. Rose Noir Organic Lip Tint $11.00 USD – from French Girl Organics.
11. Constellation Natural Himalayan Bath Salts $10.00+ USD – from Hart and Hawthorn.
12. Spiced Vanilla Glaze & Bourbon Massage Oil $25.00 USD – from Herb and Root.


PHOTO CREDIT: Vogue Italy.

Oh! You Pretty Things

Handmade For The Holidays

Cabbagetown in Winter

Black Friday. Cyber Monday. Black Friday WEEK. Every year, more and more, we’re seeing an increasing fever pitch leading up to the American Thanksgiving holiday. A shopping frenzy the subsequent result there after as people hit the malls and big box stores in search of promised savings.

Already you might be noticing your inbox brimming with emails this week about the upcoming shop-a-palooza.

And hey, I love shopping as much as the next person, but I’ll certainly be staying clear of the mall this Friday. The past few years I’ve really been trying to pare back my spending, choosing when I can, to support independent businesses with my dollars instead.

As the days get progressively colder, the nights draw in closer and the holidays quickly approaching, I find I’m increasingly in a “nesting” mode – wanting to make the house cozy and getting ready to hibernate through the approaching winter.

Here are few handmade for the holidays ‘haus’ inspired items from several independent small businesses to inspire, whether you’re looking for unique gift giving ideas or prepping your own home for the holidays.

Handmade for the Holidays

Homemade for the Holidays

First Row

1. Icelandic Driftwood Coasters $29.00 USD – from Railis.
2. Test Tube Spice Rack $39.00 USD – from TheDesignPallet.
3. Faux Antler Wreath $118.00 USD – from hodihomedecor.
4. Ebonized Tub Caddy $145.00 USD – from PegandAwl.

Second Row

5. Printed Black Chevron Table Runner $16.00 USD – from teaandsugar.
6. Stained Glass Terrarium $58.00 USD – from lonesomehobo.
7. Linen Duvet Cover & Pillowcases $150.00 USD – from mooshop.
8. Cat Nap Cocoon $53.00 USD – from vaivanat.

Third Row

9. Walnut Rustic Serving Board $54.70 USD – from CattailsWoodwork.
10. Fabric Forest Shower Curtain $85.00 USD – from LKBphotography.
11. Black Porcelain Mobius Cup $45.00 USD – from ENDEsign.
12. Cactus Napkins $28.00 USD – from ameliemancini.

Fourth Row

13. Black Stone Candle Holder $24.00 USD – from RossLab.
14. Black Stoneware Dish & Plate Collection $58.00 USD – from CatsPawPottery.
15. Reclaimed Wood Chalkboard $60.00 USD – from HurdandHoney.
16. Cedarwood + Vanilla Candle $30.00 USD – from sydneyhaleco.