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Bohemian Vintage Witch

Bohemian Vali Myers

My wardrobe once upon a time was almost entirely comprised of second hand or vintage finds. Visiting San Francisco years ago – an absolute vintage & thrifting mecca – saw me coming away with an extra suitcase of clothes I picked up at Buffalo Exchange alone.

And while I still try to shop second hand it’s been harder to find pieces that I love which also fit well. Living in a small Northern community also means less luck finding interesting things than you would in a larger city. Thankfully, interwebs.

Bohemian Vintage Witch

Bohemian Vintage Witch

First Row

1. Yellow Dahlia Flower Crown $35.00 USD – from Hollywood Villians.
2.  Western Black Tooled Leather Handbag $48.00 USD – from aintweswank.
3. 70’s Wide Brimmed Feather Felt Hat £60.00 GBP – from Rouge Pony.
4. Vintage 90’s Boho Vest $37.00 USD – from Drifter Vintage.

Second Row

5. Chiffon Maxi Dress Kaftan $455.00 USD – from nanometer.
6. 80’s Lace Dress $65.00 USD – from Girl And A Gun Vintage.
7. Emerald Green Crushed Velvet Maxi Dress £50.00 GBP – from Velvet Cave.
8. 1950’s Black Sunglasses £10.00 GBP – from Monislondres.

Third Row

9. Black Leather Ankle Boots $63.00 USD – from Adrian And Olga Company.
10. 90’s Crushed Velvet Skirt $32.00 USD – from Shop Twitch Vintage.
11. Mother of Pearl Crescent Moon Earrings $30.00 USD – from Medusa Moderna Vintage.
12. Witchy 70’s Top $32.75 USD – from Hypnotica Vintage.

Image Credit: Vali Myers, Love On the Left Bank.

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