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Bloody Mary Metal’s Luna Tribe – Underwater

bloody mary metal

Lucy of Bloody Mary Metal fame has recently launched her new Luna Tribe line, and with it some absolutely breathtaking underwater photos shot by the talented Catherine Laura.

Luna Tribe Underwater
The photo set evokes a ‘Lady of the Lake’ Arthurian legend feel for me, and whether the intent, the shoot is quite simply stunning. If like me you love haunting and ethereal photography you’ll adore Catherine Laura’s other underwater shoots too.

BMM describes the Luna Tribe collection as having:

“inspiration steeped in both Cornish history, tarot and the treasures sought by the pirates of the Cornish coast, Luna Tribe is a more mature, intense and striking collection, perhaps the pinnacle of Bloody Mary Metal so far…”

Lucy’s hugely talented (full disclosure  we went to theatre school together so I saw this first hand), and I think this is easily my favourite of her collections yet – I’m a sucker for tarot and pirates what can I say?

Luna Tribe Favourites

My picks from Luna Tribe – 1. Ace of Pentacles Necklace, 2. Drusy Crown Ring in Moonlight, 3. Ace of Cups Necklace, 4. Lovehunter’s Arrow

So if you’re looking for well crafted, unique jewelry and  like to support independent artisans and craftspeople be sure to check out all that Bloody Mary Metal has to offer.

Head to BMM for more of the gorgeous Luna Tribe underwater shoot.

IMAGE CREDITS: Catherine Laura &  Bloody Mary Metal.

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