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Witchy Bohemian ? Grown-Up Goth ✨ Sci-Fi/Fantasy Geek ? Vinyl, Tattoos & Cats ?

Hi, I’m Jamie Dee and welcome to Witchy a Go-Go!

Equally at home watching a performance in an ornate theatre as in a dive bar playing jukebox DJ while knocking back Jack & Coke’s (or a “Lemmy” as it should be called here on in); my tastes have always been pretty eclectic. Highbrow, Lowbrow and everything inbetween.  While my goth roots will always shine through, Dark Bohemianism is how I’d best describe my aesthetic and lifestyle these days.


Originally from Calgary, Canada; I grew up in Ottawa, and since then have lived all over including a good decade spent in the UK. Currently I reside in a beautiful part of Northern Ontario, Canada with my Husband and our two cats Sabbath, Lemmy, and Zola (Music nerd points if you recognize who our cats are named after).

I’m a blogger, geek, travel addict, tattoo collector, and culture fiend. I also have a slightly unhealthy obsession with collecting vinyl and drink way too much coffee.

I studied at the same Theatre School as Tom Baker & Gary Oldman in the UK. Was a Zombie in Shaun of the Dead, and a Hipster in Scott Pilgrim vs. the World. I wasn’t in World’s End but I do have an old Sisters of Mercy t-shirt 😉

I love desert landscapes, dressing up like a pirate on occasion, old cinemas, costuming, glitter, listening to my iPod while riding around public transport in foreign cities pretending I’m a local, red lipstick, Star Trek AND Star Wars, cemetery strolls, secondhand bookstores, Disney, historic sites, perfect all black outfits, and knitting the same bloody scarf for the past 10 years. Ok, that last one not so much…

Witchy A Go-Go - About Me


Hanging out the window with a bottle full of rain…

Life Through Black Tinted GlassesWitchy a Go-Go is a blog for the discerning, self identified weirdo. Whether you’re a Museum loving Megababe Clad in Black, Tarot Wielding-Tea Drinking Riot Grrrl, Moon Seeking Bohemian, Well Traveled Record Store Fiend, or simply a lover of the unconventional this blog is for you.

Driven by a constant wanderlust, be it exploring the world at large or stumbling over new music and art, the aim of this blog is to share these delights with others. Offering up an alternative viewpoint and helping those with a love for the unusual in discovering weird, wild, & wonderful new things.

You can find me elsewhere on Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter8tracks, last.fm, and Facebook, I’d love to connect! Or if you want you can drop me a line at: jamie {at} witchyagogo {dot} com