5 Tips To Get The Most Out Of Record Store Day

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The popularity of Record Store Day increases with every passing year. With many rediscovering a love for vinyl or being introduced to the medium as it becomes more accessible, attendance for this international day of independent record store love will continue to rise.

With larger crowds heading out each year it pays to do a little prep work in advance to save from getting overwhelmed on the actual day. Here are 5 tips to help you get the most out of Record Store Day:

1. Do Your Research

Time to get your music nerd on. The RSD site has a list of Official Releases for Record Store Day 2015 on, the list posted is the US one, so look for links to other country lists such as for the Netherlands or the UK etc, as available titles differ between countries.

You can also find out what shops in your area are participating on the RSD site. They won’t have information on what each retailer will be receiving stock wise, so best to check directly with your independent shop.

Often smaller shops won’t be constantly updating their websites, so time to Facebook creep and see what they’re posting about RSD. Many will have sneak peaks of what they’re getting in leading up to the day.

2. Make A List

Of the available titles being released for RSD in your country – what’s on your list to pick up?

Don’t have a list? Make it! Be aware that you’ll most likely not be able to find everything you’re after. So this is where you need to prioritize your picks, and try to find out in advance if a certain store in your area is getting in your “must-have“. Don’t be a dick though and irritate the hell out of an indie store about whether they’re getting something in or not. Certainly ask, but if they don’t know, they don’t know.

3. Map It

You’ve got your list of albums made and you know what stores to hit. Time to map out your record store day crawl so you’re not crisscrossing the city and wasting time.

Something to take note of is opening times as well – many stores will open earlier than normal, so rise and shine, grab a coffee and get a head start.

4. Dress Comfortably & Be Prepared To Wait

A lot of people will likely be out depending on where you live. Be prepared for possible long lineups and having to wait to even get into a store. Patience is a virtue, keep a calm head and dress comfortably and appropriately for the weather in your area. Layers are your friend!

5. Know Where You’re Headed Afterwards

The best way to wind down from the day is by having a bite or a drink with some friends. Knowing where you’re going ahead of time will save grief in trying to decide when people are hungry and tired. Have a few options as to where you can decamp to that will be relaxing and have space should you want to go through your RSD hauls together.

BONUS POINTS: If you like intimate performances many shops will have special in-stores during RSD. Find out ahead of time who’s playing, where & when.

And have a Happy Record Store Day! (Just keep your hands off my Adam & the Ants Kings Of The Wild Frontier/Ant Music 7″ coloured vinyl and we’ll be cool.)

Photo Credit: Sonic Boom.

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